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“I am absolutely convinced that every congregation should adopt at least one messianic Jewish ministry or congregation to support through prayer, finances and encouragement.” 

Joel Richardson, “When a Jew Rules The World” WND Books, Copyright 2015

How We Work

Our plan is straightforward and easy to implement. We are available to talk with American churches who have a heart for the Jewish believers in Israel. We then facilitate relationships between those American churches and the Jewish churches in Israel.


Step 1. Contact us from the contact section of this website, call us at 720-215-8885 or and setup a conversation with us.


Step 2. We help you determine your interests and expectations of what a relationship with an Israeli church would look like. 


Step 3. Then, through prayer and communication with Israeli pastors we will facilitate an introduction to a Israeli pastor.


Step 4. You will then communicate directly with the Israeli pastor and determine if a relationship will work for both parties.


Step 5. If the relationship work we then bow-out but remain available for helping the relationship bloom. 


Step 6. We highly recommend that once a relationship has been established you consider inviting your new Israeli contact to visit your church. 


The purpose of facilitating these relationships is also straightforward – to bless these Christian congregations and whole the nation of Israel in particular. The form that this blessing takes is solely up to the two parties involved as guided by the Holy Spirit. We expect that it will involve all sorts of actions and relationships as needed.


We will then be available to help both parties in the new relationship in any way possible. No two of these relationships will be the same and we trust that all will work together to bring the Apostle Paul’s prophecy of Romans 11 to fruition.


Needless to say, we believe that those American churches that choose to bless Israeli Messianic churches will be mightily blessed in return! If YOUR CHURCH wants to take part in this movement and wants to enjoy great blessing please call us and we will help you connect with what the Lord is doing in Israel!


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